Joe Krolick is letting us know he just put a new clip up with team rider Jake Lewis. Raw and unseen footage from the 90′s Philly, NJ and NYC era. A time before fatherhood, mortgages, axe collections and swedish west coast.


Journalist John Deux // Press conference, Svenska Mässan, Gnarlem – XXIV Skateboard Council members on thursday said they expect a new line of products dropping in a near future and assume a remaining prominent role in the so called “game” despite the company’s last 2-3 months lacking on updates.

Co-Owner, team rider and sales representative Henrik “Bling” Svan says his co-workers, or ‘boys’ as he refers to them, are back in the cubicles with one single thing in mind; sales. “We’ve been quiet on the multimedia side of things for a hot minute. The physical act of skateboarding, tours, moving our studio and day time jobs kept us swamped for these last couple of months. But we are right in the middle of the process of making new boards, garments and other fine goods. There is no final release date for these offerings yet, but we will inform our costumers very soon ” he says.

“Bling” is incredibly convincing and his rhetorical knowledge is almost as promising as his 30 centimeter crooked grinds and semi-high ollies. With the possibilities of my naivety reaching an all time high, I can only assume XXIV is here to stay.


If you ever wondered what you get when you mix a swede in China, Iphone with VX footy, disco with rollerskates, skateboarding with skateboarders, Benny Mardones with JME & Gothenburg with Shanghai? Well, either way, here here’s the answer:

*Additional filming: Ed Cui, Ryan Nimmo, J10, Ante Falk & Johnny Martinez.


Holiday season is here folks. You know the drill by now skateboard n’ bullshit, bullshit n’ skateboard from the marble packed plazas of Shanghai, China to the cobble stone streets of Gothenburg. Sommar-Steelon 4 is shot on Blingmar Bergmans android phone and features: The XXIV Crew, Jay Meador, Jeremy Hu, Jmart, Ryan Nimmo, Justen Snyder, Patrik Wallner, Walker Ryan, Boss Xie, Brad Sliger, Brian Dolle, Daniel Leung, Danijel Stankovic, The Argument Skateshop crew and more.
Roll the tape..

Don’t sleep on the official Sommar-Steelon 4 mixtape. Mixed by Don Dajlo out of Cruise Blingsteen Ent.

Download here.


We’ve been lacking on updates regarding this website lately. And we can only blame it on the fact that the swedish asphalt is dry again. It’s simply less time being spent in the dungeon in front of the internets and more time spent sending out boxes and contributing to the summer 2103 slam cavalcade. We wanna thank everybody once again for helping out and supporting us by buying our products! The response on our ‘Summer Breeze’ drop has been overwhelming to say the least and we’re obviously superpsyched to get back at you guys with a new drop of stuff SOON!

More shops are about to be added, but as for now we wanna present Atlas Skateshop in San Matteo, California and Top Toys Skateshop in Shanghai as our new international stockists.

And also, peep teamrider The Jerk (a.k.a Jake Lewis) in the new issue of Giftorm. Shot by Jonas Mossberg


This is our new drop – hope you like it! We wanna thank everybody who so far has been supporting us by buying our products, been showing up to our release-parties, been loud at our video-premieres, been helpful and/or contributing in any kind of way. We’re truly thankful and stoked! We will SOON get back to you about where to get your hands on these very goods. And if you happen to be interested in buying – feel free to holler at us through


Videographer Jens Dohnberg from Shelta store broke out his video camera during our release party last week and managed to capture some serious mingling, networking and product placements. Good job, bud!


You are a 64 year old man that has grown up in Göteborg.You have seen the world through a postwar tinted lens.

Your youth may have been salted with the ideas that you have to save all and never waist anything.Your life has been focused on the real and relevant, as opposed to the abstract and obscure

On you way home, wearing your typical kit; Dark brown leather Bomber, knitted sweater, mom jeans and docksiders made by Sebago.

You stop to buy cigarettes and as you take the short cut behind the industrial buildings that you watched being built in the late 60′s…You see these weirdos lurking around with 3.5% beers and digital cameras. What the hell are they doing?! Are they documenting the shit that they have written on the walls, are they going to do some silly shit like take pictures of them selves doing headstands on cars that will possibly get them hurt?

Are they (soon to drop out), students that are bored and unimaginative, with no responsibilities in life, sucking the pride and money out of the country? Or are they maybe just a band of randos that come together for the love of skateboarding/ beer/ coffee/ a massive amount of shit talk and creative flimflam?!

Yea, your right on all counts. We are all of those things, we are XXIV…



Ladies and gents, 

Welcome to Shelta store on the 30th of April, from 15:30 – 17:00, for a peek and a squeeze of our spring/summer ´13 drop “Bummer Breeze” plus a photo show signed Gareth Costello, Jesper Lindgren & Jonas Mossberg.

Stop by, grab a beverage and shoot some shit with us!


Poor bool, Jerk Lewis, is going down once again. This time dreads first down in the gutter. Suprisingly enough from a full-on attempt to Nollie Backtail. A trick I up to this day thought he was incapable of not rolling away from. You never stop to suprise us, good sir.