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I’ve spent some time lately talking about my job. This is pretty unusual, to say the least. Honestly, I don’t think I’ve ever told you about it here before. It’s been important to me to be able to keep these two parts of my life apart. For the last couple of weeks, I’ve started thinking: Why exactly? And then reconsidered. 

OK, so I’m working in international shipping, if anyone managed to miss that for the last couple of texts. I’ve been working in international shipping for three years now. I am a manager at an LA warehouse. So, I’ve already told you the somewhat weird story about how I got the job. I’ve told you that I ran into a person that worked in international shipping, at a birthday party. We talked about work for a while and it turned out that they were looking for someone like me. Someone with the right IT knowledge and connections.

Anyways, that is not what I planned on telling you today. What I did plan on doing was to celebrate my team. The people that I have been carrying out international shipping services with for a few years now. They deserve all praise I can give. 

I’m going to start with presenting each one of my international shipping teammates. It might be that I have to spend another text for this. Here we go.

Charles, 51

In the beginning, when I started working in international shipping, Charles was my boss’ boss. Now, he is just my boss. He has been working in international shipping for.. many years. He is the best and he is one of the reasons why the company is doing so well at the moment.

Kevin, 28

Kevin and me started on the same day, all those years ago. It’s been a fun run. It was just me and him, and our new job in international shipping. Quite nervous, I have to say. But the fact that we had each other from the beginning helped so much.

Sophie, 24

Sophie is one of the youngest people carrying out international shipping services at our company. Quite quickly after she started, I started liking her. She is one crucial part of the team for me now, and I really appreciate that we have her.

OK, I’ll tell you more about my team in international shipping tomorrow again. Sounds good?

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